DragMe is a simple open-map pixelated game to fight each other with friends.

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How to play


The main objective of the game is to kill others and gain XP. The last man standing will become the winer of the game. Anone can create their custom room and let others join it. If a player was killed, he can spectate the game. Also snyone can spectate game with the game code


The XP is decreased when you are hit by someone and the will gain the xp you lost. The maximum Xp a player can gain is 100. And the minimum xp needed to survive the game is 10.

Terms of Game

If you die, you will be rickrolled.. and you should accept it and see it full. Secondly, The owner of the ground can remove anyone without giving any information.


Right Click on enemy - Attack
Drag Move Yourself

Made With Love,

By Harry Tom